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Transforming the musician

From day one through graduation, SFCM students are given the unique opportunity to explore a wide range of musical and intellectual disciplines in addition to receiving dedicated training in their chosen specialty. We believe that 21st-century musicians need to not only see what everyone else is up to, but also to understand how that work can affect and inform their own. Courses in the Fall and Spring semesters balance rigorous artistic training with intellectual stimulation. During Winter Term, students get a chance to immerse themselves in a special topic and bring their own projects and ideas to life.

Throughout the year, our interconnected courses help you bridge different areas of art and thought. Our new approach takes the form of a connected learning sequence — a curricular initiative encompassing history, theory, and the humanities, as well as performances that highlight the relationship between these domains. Each semester's curriculum focuses on a central theme that blends the intellectual, artistic, and historical. When we're all exploring the same territory, conversation and collaboration spring up naturally. History comes to life. Performances illuminate ideas.

In Fall 2016, we investigated the intersection of music, politics, and social justice. This Spring, we'll move on to an academic concentration on folk elements and regional traditions in music and literature as seen throughout the repertoire and within the context of global influence.

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Degrees and Programs

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Your studies should never stop challenging and inspiring you. That’s why our undergraduate and graduate degree programs are designed to grow and change alongside your skill, interests, and ambition.